East Knowle, Dorset 2014 Carport

Dear Dean

Happy new year! We hope you’ve had a good 2013 since you finished here, and that in 2014 you will go from strength to strength.

We thought you might be interested to have a progress report from here: the car port and stairs are in good condition and do the job we wanted. We like the way the wood is gradually changing colour in the elements, and we are still being complimented on the whole project. The traditional jointing is much admired. The walls seem to be withstanding the current rainfalls – interestingly the lower visible weep holes have started to produce a trickle for the first time, which tells us something about the water table, and the land drain is producing quite a rich stream of yellow-coloured water. The green roof withstood the droughts of summer, with a little help from a hosepipe. The solar-powered trickle feed run off the water butts has done a good job, and I think you might want to suggest it to any future customer who looks as if they might be conservation-minded. The green roof itself has been a constant source of pleasure with its change of colour and texture, and in the winter it now does an even better job of linking visually with the fields in the distance. The rear gutter that you changed is still not absolutely successful about feeding the rear barrel – water tends to lie in the gutter – but not enough to worry about. Birds and bugs have accepted the roof, and I hope that swallows will inhabit the underside of the roof this year (Sara doesn’t agrees about this idea). Your stairs have remained solid and confidence-inspiring.

One of my new-year resolutions is to write a short testimonial  for your clients, so here it is:

‘We are absolutely delighted with our oak car-port and stairs. They are attractively and solidly built and have blended in well with the surroundings. Throughout their construction, Dean at Dorset Timber Framing was efficient, reliable, imaginative and interested in the work. His good humour and positive attitude meant that the project remained enjoyable. He kept to price and to timing, as far as weather changes allowed, through a winter of record rainfall.’

Hope this  or anything in the larger paragraph, will be useful. If you want to use us to encourage other clients, please feel free to do so, though we’d be glad if you checked with us first.

Best wishes
Neil & Sara