Fontmell Magna, Garden room with exposed rafters and an Oak lantern

I chose Dorset timber framing to design and build our garden room extension because it is a locally based business. Being a hands-on sort of person, I was also looking for a craftsman who would let me watch and learn. The Dorset Timber Framing team were more than happy to let me do both and I learnt a great deal from them.

While Dean and his team were working on the green Oak frame, I put in the footings and constructed the stub wall upon which the frame would sit. In the workshop, they designed and laid out the (to me) quite complex frame and did all the cutting and finishing of the joints. I was greatly impressed with their skill and the attention to detail. For example, all joints were finished with either plane or chisel and the proof of the pudding came when the whole frame was erected without any problems on site.

As the work progressed, Dean was well able to react to our requests, suggesting his own very effective solutions and at the same time adding some beautiful extra details which really make it stand out from the ordinary. He was invariably cheerful and polite and we genuinely looked forward to his arriving on site. At the end of the job, the garden was as it used to be before work began.
The team are totally trustworthy and reliable and I had no qualms about leaving them.

Having worked with Dean for several months, I am pleased to be able to call him a friend.